Mission Statement


Callaway Elementary School's mission is to prepare ALL graduates to have the skills to pursue and accomplish college, post-secondary training, and/or career opportunities in order to live and compete successfully in a global society. 


Callaway Elementary School's vision is to empower scholars to achieve academic, professional, and personal goals by providing equitable access and experiences that build skills in literacy, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Belief Statements

We profess that our students are getting smarter everyday with a heavy emphasis on being Armored in Greatness!!!  

School Pledge

Today, I will lead by example.
Help those who need it, and inspire others to do the same.

Today, I will be the first to raise my hand,
to ask the questions that find the answers.

Today, I will learn something new.
I will open my mind from the moment I open my eyes.

Today, I will be the best me.
I will take on fear and it will disappear.

Today, I will believe in myself,
and tomorrow, I will be anything I want to be.

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