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GMAS Resources

Greetings Parents,  


As we approach the Georgia Milestones, we would like to remind you and our students of test taking strategies. Imagine the message of preparation and high expectations. This unified effort will convey to our students at home and in school. A few resources have been provided below. Also parents, don’t forget the power of students redoing problems they may have missed. Expect students to redo problems they miss. This affords students the opportunity to determine why they may have missed a problem thereby increasing the likelihood of success on similar problems the next time. A recommended strategy is for students to redo all missed problems and to write out their thinking to achieve the correct answer.

Student Resources:

Advanced Placement Students:

Parent Resources:


EngageNY Test Released Questions:

3rd Grade ELA Questions
3rd Grade ELA Scoring Materials
3rd Grade Math Questions
3rd Grade Math Scoring Materials

4th Grade ELA Questions
4th Grade ELA Scoring Materials
4th Grade Math Questions
4th Grade Math Scoring Materials

5th Grade ELA Questions
5th Grade ELA Scoring Materials
5th Grade Math Questions
5th Grade Math Scoring Materials

Clayton County provided GMAS Study Guides

Thank you for your effort that will contribute to out students' success!
The Callaway Family